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Exercise Your Mind

Desire for Domination

Life’s desire (or even need) for domination is one of the things that makes “life” so fascinating.  It almost seems as if life is unhappy with its own existence  and, naturally, wants to obliterate itself.


A very enlightened friend of mine asked me, “What creates intelligence?” So, I asked myself, “At what point does a being become intelligent?” and I couldn’t help but think of the correlation of that question to another important question, “At what point does a being become self-aware?” Are they so different? It is a commonly…
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Building a Better Me

Most people in this world strive to be better; whether it’s to be better at their job, their hobby, or their personality. What causes us to strive to be better? I propose that there are two sides for bettering ourselves: primal (natural) and choice (unnatural). It could be something as simple as primal nature, forcing…
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