Exercise Your Mind

The title of this site is “Practice Curiosity” and I hope that it does just that.  Curiosity is something that is paramount to human advancement.  If a question is not asked, then an answer is either accepted at face value or not entertained at all.  Be curious.  Ask.  Understand.

I’m not afraid of challenging my beliefs and/or the understanding of what is around me.  I believe that we as a civilization must satisfy our own curiosity, instead of being afraid of it.  Ask.  And don’t be afraid of the answer.

Someone asked if it was better to live in ignorance, than to know the truth… some say that ignorance is bliss.  And it may be.  But, I choose to try to understand in an attempt to better myself and what I can become.

We should respect the beliefs of those around us, even if we don’t agree.  No man knows all truth, but I do believe there is one truth.

My name is Thomas Shoemaker and I’m an Electrical/Computer Engineer.  I love to think about the various things in life.  I’m a student of humanity… I love to analyze ideas, science, and study societies.


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