Desire for Domination

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Desire for Domination

Life’s desire (or even need) for domination is one of the things that makes “life” so fascinating.  It almost seems as if life is unhappy with its own existence  and, naturally, wants to obliterate itself.

Why else would every single organism on this planet (or perhaps the universe) compete to be the last one standing?  Notice that I didn’t distinguish between a person, persons or even humanity itself. All life dominates.  It’s some inherent goal inside anything that lives; it must survive.

Some organisms are more proactive about this domination (such as humanity), but regardless, it’s there.  The obvious examples of this are humans, and other animals, but even plants fall prey to this universal truth.  A weed (which is nothing but another plant, dubbed a weed because it’s unwanted) will suck the life out of a rose, given the chance.

This desire to dominate is directly proportional to an organisms intelligence or self-awareness.  When a being is self-aware, it realizes that it can be caused pain.  At the same time, it realizes that it can inflict pain on others in order to protect itself.  According to my own personal definition of intelligence, intelligent beings can affect it’s environment to ensure it’s own survival (the more intelligent a being is, the more impact it has on it’s environment).

Domination is more prevalent in our every day life than you might think.  It isn’t merely a bully trying to show his might over an unsuspecting child; it doesn’t have to be so obvious.  It might not even be outwardly expressed in any way towards another.  Anytime you have a feeling of superiority or inferiority, you are dominating or being dominated.  Interestingly enough, we can create thoughts of being dominated when nothing is actually dominating us.  Almost as if we wanted to be dominated.

What causes this desire for domination?  It is nothing other than our own fears.  We feel like we need to dominate those things that intimidate us, or that we need to dominate because we feel dominated already. So, in an effort to build a better me, I ask myself:  is domination a good thing or a bad thing?  It seems from life’s point of view, it’s perfectly natural.  Humanity wouldn’t exist right now if we didn’t succumb to this domination instinct.  We would have been a fine dinner for some animal that could care less.  But, as are a lot of things of moral law, we are taught to do the exact opposite of “natural”.  (Which goes to show that humanity attempts to be the exception to all rules.  Why is that?  What has taught us that we are the exception?  Is it good for us to think of ourselves as an exception to nature?)  We are taught that the “right” thing is to “do to others as we would have others do to us”.  Even though domination is just as natural as a daisy yearning for the sunlight to appear in the morning, it’s seen as an evil.  The interesting thing to note here is that even though domination is something that is perfectly natural (and almost encouraged by nature), humanity has found ways to deny it.  (This is true of many things that come naturally; anything that comes naturally is seen as evil, unless approved by man first.)

And so it comes full circle.  Since our fears are the cause for our desire to dominate, good people attempt to dominate their fears by not giving in to the desire for domination.  We will not be able to run away from domination because we will always be a fearful animal.  Because we can experience pain (and pleasure), we will always fear that which might cause us pain.

To those that dominate: evaluate yourself and realize the intention of domination.  The only place for it is survival.  Know what you are and why are you doing what you are doing.

To those that are dominated: understand how natural it is.  Understand why they do what they do – domination comes from fear.  Domination is good when it’s in it’s rightful place.

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