Building a Better Me

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Building a Better Me

Most people in this world strive to be better; whether it’s to be better at their job, their hobby, or their personality. What causes us to strive to be better? I propose that there are two sides for bettering ourselves: primal (natural) and choice (unnatural).

It could be something as simple as primal nature, forcing us to better ourselves to survive. But, does being good at something or being a good person ensure our survival? It seems as though a different type of survival has come about from our way of society. No longer do we need to worry about killing for our next meal when we can go out and steal or buy food already dead for us to eat. It might also be a tendency for competition that is bred into us (or instinct perhaps?). This competition calls for us to be different and better than those around us. This could be another way for us to show our dominance and ensure our survival.

Or is it our choice? Personally, I have known that I have not reached a point where I can stop improving. I don’t improve to be better than others in any way but from a personal ambition that is deep inside me. An ambition with no known source. I have noticed that this is very unnatural compared to the way nature usually handles things. Nature says, “Everything must take the easy route to equilibrium.” Electrical current is caused from charged particles attempting to become neutrally charged, heat flows from hot to cold in an attempt to equalize the temperature of a substance, an object falls to the ground until it reaches its resting point, a planet orbits a star in a perfectly orchestrated equilibrium; everything “natural” is searching for equilibrium. Yet, day after day I struggle to force myself to be better; to upheave my equilibrium and continue to change. This struggle is certainly not easy and I am certainly not obtaining some sort of equilibrium. I’ve seen this in others as well. It is this fight, this choice to fight, that separates us from all other beings on this planet. This choice to become something completely unnatural.

As soon as we stop trying to “Build A Better Me”, we stagnate and become just like every other creature on this planet.

So, what does “better” mean? What is the measurement of “better?” Is it in dollars? Is it in the number of friends a person has? Is it somebody’s approval? Or is it simply our conscious attempt to tell nature to “Screw off, you don’t have control over me.”

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